Mothers need to be nurtured themselves and massage is a perfect way to relax the mind and body, renew energy, helps to discharge blood clots, encourage deep sleeps and best of all help regain its shape.

We will provide you with a 60 mins full body postnatal massage using homemade herbal oil with 100% Hot herbal compress. Jamu massage integrates many different techniques designed to invoke deep relaxation in the recipient.

After the massage we will apply the Jamu on the abdominal to stimulate blood circulation and muscle contraction & to encourage toxins and blood clots to be flushed out of the system. 5 mins

The 8 meter long cloth known as bengkung is then firmly wound around the woman's abdomen.  And this wrap is to be worn for a minimum of 7 hours up to the entire day.  The wrap is also believed to help the pelvis (which expands during childbirth) resume its original girth. -5 mins

Pilis will be apply upon request from mothers.  Is a type of Jamu applied to forehead after the massage to cure dizziness, hazy vision & eyestrain.


  • I want to thank you Sri for her treatment. Very experienced and patient. She is very accommodative. I definitely see the results .. I...
    Carmen P

    Carmen P

    24. June, 2017 |

  • 谢谢你安排 Grace, massage好舒服
    Mrs Choi

    Mrs Choi

    24. June, 2017 |

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Did you know?
FACT 2: In Malay tradition, the new mother was strictly home-bound after the delivery for 40 to 48 days.
FACT 1: Massage is a perfect way to relax the mind and body and to renew energy.