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Mummies & Bellies was created out of a passion and desire to provide Javanese postpartum care to mothers in Hong Kong.  I am a Singapore Chinese with 2 beautiful children.  I experienced my first Javanese postnatal massage in 1994.  After each session, I felt more rejunvenated as my tummy muscles tightened, the water retention disappeared and the left over blood clots drained within a week.  After the whole course was finished I felt relaxed, physically and emotionally much improved and most importantly I was full of energy, vigor and confidence.

I was in Hong Kong during my 2nd pregnancy and was desperately looking for a Javanese postnatal massage therapist and realized it was so difficult to find a proper one unless I spent a fortune to fly a therapist over.  I therefore continue my massage skill by taking a Postnatal course in Singapore with Sri and decided to provide this service to the mummies in Hong Kong.  At the same time I came across a very experienced Postnatal therapist Wandy from Indonesia. She is married and had settle in HK for the past 7 years, more importantly she got the skills from her grandmother back home in Java.  Grace is my partner and she specialize in Prenatal massage, Postnatal Jamu massage, Deep tissue massage and also Slimming treatment.  Grace is from the Philippine and had been in the Spa industry for more than 20 years. Since 2011 we are here to offer this extensive service to all mummies here so that they are able to enjoy this beautiful treatment at the comfort of their home during confinement.

Since health is your greatest wealth, we strongly believe that a postnatal massage is a great way to restore your health and not just to pamper yourself.  As we reflect, it's a skill and belief that has been practiced and perfected for centuries till today and it should be on every mummy's postpartum TO-DO-LIST to enjoy her motherhood.

Jessica, Grace & Wandy



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  • I want to thank you Sri for her treatment. Very experienced and patient. She is very accommodative. I definitely see the results .. I...
    Carmen P

    Carmen P

    24. June, 2017 |

  • 谢谢你安排 Grace, massage好舒服
    Mrs Choi

    Mrs Choi

    24. June, 2017 |

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FACT 2: In Malay tradition, the new mother was strictly home-bound after the delivery for 40 to 48 days.
FACT 1: Massage is a perfect way to relax the mind and body and to renew energy.