Mummies and Bellies is a Hong Kong-based company offering postnatal Jamu Massage and Wraps in the comfort of your home. Using handmade herbal oil, the 60-minute full body Jamu massage helps restore energy to your muscles while providing an uber-relaxing experience for new moms...

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The Jamu Massage

Jamu is a blend of herbs derived from the barks, roots, flowers and other parts of various medicinal plants. Used in massage, the ingredients in jamu range from the better known e.g lemongrass, nutmeg and jasmine flowers to be more obscure...

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Our Package and Rates

All packages includes the following. Hot herbal Compress on tummy, Body and Tummy Massage, application on Jamu Herbal and Pilis upon request, abdominal binding, complimentary Telon Oil for your baby and a baby massage technique will be taught to mummies...

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Before and after photos

We have photos taken from some of our actual clients to show you our amazing results.

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How we can help? What we offer

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Our Company

Mummies & Bellies was created out of a passion and desire to provide Javanese postpartum care to mothers in Hong Kong.

I am a Singapore Chinese with 2 beautiful children.  I experienced my first Javanese postnatal massage in 1994.  After each session, I felt more rejuvenated as my tummy muscles tightened, the water retention disappeared and the left over blood clots drained within a week.  After the whole course was finished I felt relaxed, physically and emotionally much improved and most importantly I was full of energy, vigor and confidence.

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Did you know?
FACT 2: In Malay tradition, the new mother was strictly home-bound after the delivery for 40 to 48 days.
FACT 1: Massage is a perfect way to relax the mind and body and to renew energy.